(the following topics include but are not limited to)

Energy saving technology

Coal Mine Engineering and Technology

Energy storage technology

Renewable energy

Thermal energy and power engineering

Energy engineering and environmental engineering

Renewable energy technologies and systems

Energy security and clean use

Mineral Resources and mining engineering

Wind power generation

Solar energy related technology and application

Alternative fuels

Nuclear power technology

Greenhouse gas treatment

Clean energy development

Thermal engineering and thermodynamics

Traditional energy projects (coal, oil and natural gas without traditional electricity)

Energy in buildings

Energy equipment and energy management

Thermal engineering and wind engineering

Nuclear engineering and hydrogen energy resources

Energy materials and energy technologies

Energy security and energy systems

Energy conversion and energy efficiency

Energy analysis and energy transfer

Clean coal and fossil fuels

Biomass energy engineering

Energy chemical engineering

Energy saving lighting products and technologies

New energy vehicle

Oil and gas resource engineering

Machines and equipment for resource processing

Hydroelectric power, geothermal and tidal

Biogas and biomass

Hybrid energy system

New technologies for oil and gas development

Sustainable Development Goals

Ecological economics

The circular economy

Purple economic

Fair trade

Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Ecological modernization

Industrial ecology

The green building

Hydroelectric power

Green living

Renewable energy

Geothermal energy,

The natural environment

Soil and water loss

The greenhouse effect


The environmental protection

Environmental education

Organic farming


Appropriate technology

Environmental bearing capacity

Sustainable yield

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  • Conference Date: 2024.5.27
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